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​-   Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 6:30 p.m. -"Exploring The Long Island Sound"

      Have you ever wondered . . . if there is anything to dive for in the Long Island Sound . . . what is the

       visibility like . . .  are there any shipwrecks . . . how deep it is?  

       Captain Denis Habza, Founder of Squalus Marine Divers has been exploring all of the above and will

       discuss this and more.  He will give us a very brief introduction about Squalus Marine, what they do and

       why they do it.  Then, there will be  an interactive presentation with opportunities to explore various

       aspects of The Long Island Sound. 

       Captain Denis Habza, Founder of Squalus Marine Divers

       produced an online video program that offer divers

       (and non divers) a chance to explore and dive virtually.

       Captain Denis has been diving for over 10 years and has

       logged over 700 dives, almost exclusively in The Long

       Island Sound.  Piloting his second dive vessel SQUALUS II,

       Habza explores The Sound and hopes to show its viability

       as a dive destination.  After filming for 5 years, he has

       compiled multiple video documentations of wrecks

       previously unrecorded for the public to explore.  Squalus

       Marine Divers will continue to film in 2017 and plans on

       branching out to more "off the beaten path" locations.



The Bridgeport Community

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P.O. Box 1956

Bridgeport, CT 06601-1956

Bridgeport Community Historical Society


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The Bridgeport Community Historical Society's mission is to preserve and enjoy the history of the entire Bridgeport, Connecticut community.


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